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Dicey Dungeons 0.12

September 01, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.12 here]

Surprise! It’s version v0.12 of Dicey Dungeons! Let’s see what’s new!

All five characters are playable again

The Witch is back! The Robot too! And so is the editor!

I was pretty unhappy about having to push this stuff back from v0.11, so I’m really, really glad to see em back in the game. The Witch, in particular, is still my favourite character.

New Music

Chipzel’s been super busy over the last couple of weeks, and has two new tracks this time! A new combat track, and a new Boss theme! I’ve basically been listening to both on a loop now for last few weeks :D

New Art

Marlowe’s been busy too! This version has lots of new Art - new combat backgrounds for every location, coloured in character art to replace the previous sketches, and little improvements everywhere. (Marlowe also has a bunch of animations ready to go, but they’re not in the game just yet.)

New Enemies

Couple of brand new enemies this time round, and some existing enemies (like Keymaster, Girl Scout and Crystalina) have had a complete redesign.

Now in French

Dicey Dungeons is finally available in French, thanks to Words of Magic!

So what about v0.13?

I’m still working on the final character, so that’s definitely the focus from here.

I’ve spent a lot of my time over the last month or so programming, and I think that’s slowed things down a lot. So, I recently put out a help wanted ad for a programmer to join the team. The idea is, they can focus on the big tech problems, and I can get back to focusing on design. Applications are open till Monday, so if you’re interested, check it out!

Thanks for playing! See you in a few weeks!

Older builds and release notes:

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