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Dicey Dungeons 0.4

April 06, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.4 here]

Hey! It’s v0.4! This is the biggest update so far. Let’s jump right in! Here’s what’s new:

The Thief

This week’s update is all about the new class, the Thief. The Thief is pretty different from the warrior - it doesn’t get upgrades, it can’t use consumable items, and it can’t reroll - instead, it has to rely on it’s handy steal ability, which takes a random piece of enemy equipment every turn, and a bunch of new class specific equipment. The Thief class is a bit harder than the Warrior too, so good luck!

Fleeing from Combat

Things not going according to plan? You can now flee from any battle!

New enemies

There are four new enemies in this build, and lots of the existing enemies have gotten tweaked.

Also, there is now a designated boss on EVERY FLOOR, not just the final one. Some of the harder enemies have gotten a promotion! (If you’re wondering about where the Knight is this time round, they’re taking a holiday while I figure out how to redesign it as a new sub-boss!)

In addition, the Rat King has gotten a big level up, and there’s a brand new final boss this time around - the Vampire.

Loads of bug fixes

More than two dozen bug fixes, mostly stuff reported from v0.3! Dicey Dungeons doesn’t have any in-game issue tracking yet, but you can submit bugs and feature requests on the github page here.

In order to replace the bugs that we’ve lost in this build, I’ve added several new ones. See if you can find them all!

Tap Controls

The thief uses a lot more dice than the warrior, and all that dragging was starting to get a bit tiring. So this time I’m trying out alternate tap controls - you can now just tap a dice, and then tap the piece of equipment you want to assign it to. This probably needs a bit more tweaking.

I have vague plans that this thing will eventually end up on telephones, so will be experimenting a lot more with things like this as the weeks go by!

Thanks for checking out the latest build. For the next update, I’m hoping to focus on balance, polish, and at long last, ART. See you in two weeks!

Older builds and release notes:

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