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Dicey Dungeons 0.10

July 06, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.10 here]

Here we are! Version 0.10! The first commercial version! The game’s getting closer and closer to release! Let’s see what’s new.

Dicey Dungeons Teaser

Please welcome the rest of team Dicey Dungeons! You can see a little preview of what they’ve been working on in this trailer!

Art: Marlowe Dobbe

Dicey Dungeons new art director is Marlowe Dobbe! Marlowe is an amazing illustrator, animator, and game developer from Portland, Oregon. Her work ranges from animation for the D&D podcast Very Random Encounters, to Lost Wage Rampage, to the WAL-OUIJI board, which she describes as “a joke that went too far”. You can check out her instragram here, where she’ll be posting lots of work in progress Dicey Dungeons artwork over the next few weeks! (she’s also on twitter, here!)

Music: Chipzel

And on music, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve teamed up again with Niamh Houston, aka Chipzel! You might know her from her work on Super Hexagon - but she’s also released three albums and worked on all sorts of cool projects, ranging from an Adventure Time game to a remix for Crypt of the NecroDancer. You can find her work at http://chipzel.co.uk/, or follow her on twitter, where she’ll no doubt be sharing her work on Dicey Dungeons music!

itch.io launch

As of this version, Dicey Dungeons is now on sale for $7.50 on itch.io! Itch is where I’ll be continuing to post regular alpha versions, every two weeks. The current version on itch.io is still using placeholder art and music, but I’m very excited to be finally implementing Marlowe and Niamh’s work over the past few weeks into the NEXT version!

(If you got in early enough on my discord (way back before v0.7), you’ll be getting a free itch.io code. More details about that on the discord! Oh, and the old alpha versions aren’t going anywhere, btw!)

New Character: The Robot

For this update, I added the game’s fifth character class, The Robot! The robot falls somewhere between the Thief and the Inventor in terms of complexity - definitely easier than the Witch, but definitely harder than the Warrior.

The class is all about push your luck mechanics - instead of rolling dice every turn, you have a dice counter that ticks up everytime you choose to roll a dice. Doing well as the robot means knowing when to roll, and when to stop.

Personally I’m finding the robot super refreshing to play! I hope you enjoy!

Chinese Localisation

Thanks to the IndieNova project, there is now a simplified chinese localisation of Dicey Dungeons v0.9 - and one for v0.10 will be coming in a few days!

So what about v0.11?

The next update is really exciting for me, because that’s when I’m going to finally start implement Marlowe and Niamh’s work into the game! They’ve both been doing amazing work over the last few weeks, and I can wait to have it in the game and show it all to you!

Thanks for playing! See you in two weeks!

Older builds and release notes:

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