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Dicey Dungeons 0.6

May 04, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.6 here]

Hey again! It’s v0.6! I’d sorta planned that this one would be a smaller update, since I was travelling for a bit of it. But it ended up being HUGE. Let’s jump in!

New Character: The Inventor

I figured it was time I tried out some weirder character ideas!

The Inventor is a new class focused on abilities that you get for one fight only, called gadgets. (Gadgets replace items.)

The Inventor is a class with some pretty big pros and cons - on the plus side, they get gadgets, which are super powerful, and they find some of the most powerful equipment in the game just lying around. However! The Inventor’s compulsive need to tinker with things results it in scrapping most of your equipment for parts!

Playing the Inventor well requires thinking ahead and planning what you think you’ll need, and what you think you can do without. I hope you enjoy it! Like everything in the game, it’s a work in progress, and should improve as time goes by!

New Warrior

Some pretty major changes to the Warrior this time - they’ve lost the ability to use items, which are now redesigned as “gadgets”, and are unique to the new Inventor class. However, to compensate, they get a new dice tweak ability to go with their reroll skill.

I want Warrior to be the introductory class, so the changes I’ve made mostly make it easier. As well as the skill change, they also find more powerful equipment, and there are a load of tweaks to add variety to the range of viable builds you can try.

(The thief has also had a few tweaks, but they’re a lot less dramatic.)

New enemies, and new Enemy AI

I spent almost a week of this fortnight on Enemy AI - it’s had a complete rewrite! Enemies can handle much more complicated situations now, allowing them to do new things like use reusable equipment, and make decisions about dice to set aside.

It’s enabled me to make a couple of more sophisticated enemies to match, so this build introduces five new enemies, and a new final boss, the Crime Lord.

Limit Breaks

New mechanic I’m trying out: Limit Breaks! Each character has a special skill that they can use once they’ve taken enough damage.

What's the plan for v0.7?

I think I’m long overdue a polish update, so for v0.7 I’m planning to slow down a little, and do some work on balance, polish and structure.

Things are going pretty well! I think it’s time I made some decisions about where this is all going!

Thanks for playing! See you in two weeks!

Older builds and release notes:

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