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Dicey Dungeons 0.7

May 18, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.7 here]

It’s here! Version 0.7! Let’s see what’s new this time!

Totally Redesigned Dungeon Exploration

For this version, I’ve completely redesigned the exploration phase of the game.

The new maps are less than a 5th of the size of the old ones. It’s less complicated, it requires less clicking, and, I think, suits the game much better than the old system. It boils this phase down to pure decision making.

Along those lines, other game elements have been simplified too - all the gold values have been reworked (You get exactly one gold per battle now, and equipment tends to cost between 2-5 gold), and experience points match the enemies you’re fighting (a level 2 enemy gives you 2 experience points) - making the game much more boardgamey, and much easier to make strategic decisions about.

There’s also a bunch of other little structural things - for example, I’ve spread the dungeon out over 5 floors instead of 3 (although it’s actually shorter now thanks to the smaller levels), and it’s all been redesigned so that you don’t need to fight every monster to finish a Dungeon. As a result of all of this, I think the stuff outside of combat is pretty substantially improved in this version!


The best new thing in this update: Guilds! Guilds are my take on roguelike shrine mechanics - they don’t appear everytime you play, but when they do, they’ll offer you some strange wonderful new power… for a price. There a four in the game right now, and I’ll be adding more with each update!

I’ll probably end up reframing guilds in a later version (possibly as something curse themed), but what I’m aiming for is this mechanic where you can take on this extra, bonus challenge for fun. Guilds are always a big risk, but if you go for them, they change up the way you play the game, and open up new kinds of weirder playstyles you can try.

Editor Mode

I’ve implemented a first draft of an in game editor! The current version lets you arm a player with any equipment from the game you want, and fight any of the enemies in the game. Eventually, this mode will let you create full mods and challenges for the game. (It’s already seeing some very cool stuff happen on the Dicecord with people trying to make one turn infinite dice builds!)


In the v0.6 post, I mentioned wanting to catch my breath, and figure out where this whole thing is going.

Well, I’ve done that. I’ve made some big decisions! Expect a blog post in a couple of days.

So what about v0.8?

For the next update, I’m going to introduce another new class, the Mage. This class will require a little firming up of some basic combat mechanics, so I’ll probably end up doing quite a lot of work on that.

Thanks for playing! See you in another two weeks!

Older builds and release notes:

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