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Dicey Dungeons 0.13

September 29, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.13 here]

Announcing v0.13 of Dicey Dungeons! This one’s a big one, so let’s jump right in:

The Jester

The sixth and final character in Dicey Dungeons is The Jester! I’ve known since the early weeks of development that I wanted to make a deckbuilding class for Dicey Dungeons, but it wasn’t until now that I had enough pieces in place to make it all happen!

When the Jester finds equipment, it gets added to a deck that you draw from randomly. You can have three pieces of equipment in play at any time, and you keep drawing until you can’t play any more cards. The key thing that makes this all work, though, is the Snap! mechanic!

If the Jester has matching pieces of equipment, you can Snap! them and convert them into new dice!

I really like how this character shaped up! I’m presenting it as an “alpha” in this version, mostly because I think there’s a lot more room to explore here, which I’m very excited to do over the next few versions.

Animations and overworld sprites

Introducing animations! About half the enemies are currently animated, and the rest are coming soon!

As well as the combat animations, we also have adorable new overworld sprites!

New Music and sound effects

We also have new music and sound effects! This time around we reworked our sound tech a little to support different sound effects for different equipment. There’s also a new work in progress combat track!

Modding API

A major development for people interested in modding: this version introduces a whole new modding API by Lars Doucet!

Basically, modding is kind of a three part problem - first, you need the infrastructure to support swapping in custom assets, then, you need to expose stuff from the game into files that can be modified, and thirdly, ideally, you need an editor that can modify those files.

This is part one. Lars has implemented his polymod framework into Dicey Dungeons! It makes it possible to override and append Dicey Dungeon’s assets, and combine multiple mods together! It’s the start of something very cool, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people manage to do with it!

11 translations, and counting

This version of Dicey Dungeons brings SIX new translations! The Spanish translation is by Felipe Mercader, while Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese are by EDS Wordland and their international team of translators!

(I’m still planning a couple more languages - Turkish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Irish, and then that’s probably it!)

Native Versions

Finally, v0.13 introduces native Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Dicey Dungeons! We are now abandoning HTML5 builds, which I think we’ve very much outgrown now. From here until we launch on steam, we’re going to be doing desktop builds.

These new versions were made possible by our new programmer Justo Delgado, who joined the Dicey Dungeons team a few weeks ago!

So what about v0.14?

The Jester is the final character - so, this marks a major milestone in the game. From here on out, my focus is going to be on tying everything together - which includes quest systems for repeated playthroughs, end game content, and in particular, lots of work to deepen and expand on what’s already in there. I see the six characters as they currently are as rough sketches - and I’m very, very excited to start filling out the details. I wanna make this game as great as I know it can be.

This milestone does mean that the end is in sight, though, so recently I’ve been doing some serious thinking about when it’s actually going to be finished. I don’t think the late 2018 estimate is likely anymore, but I think we’re seriously looking at a launch early in the new year.

Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy the new character! See you in the next update!

Older builds and release notes:

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