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Dicey Dungeons 0.3

March 30, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.3 here]

Hey hey, it’s update 0.3!

Last week’s build was probably too easy. This one is definitely too hard. So it goes - it’s still very, very early days for this game. I’ll figure it out eventually! YAY FOR OPEN DEVELOPMENT!

There are still lots of bugs in this build, including stuff that was reported last week. Honestly, this is the thing I’m finding hardest about this whole early-access-like thing I’m doing - my impulse is not to release anything until I know it’s all fixed and working and balanced - but I’m trying not to do that with this. Eventually, this game will start to firm up, and hopefully you’ll see it happen. Week after week. One version at a time. Bear with me!

Here’s what’s new in v0.3:

A balance pass

Everything in the game has gotten a tweak this week - from enemies to equipment, level up distributions to level layouts - you name it. Some existing systems have been tweaked too - for example, the upgrade system is very different from last week.

Balance is an ongoing process that’s going to take time to get right, but I think this build is a step in the right direction - towards a version of the game I want to make: a deeper, more rewarding, more fun experience.

Loads of new content

This build brings a ton of new content. There are about 25 new pieces of equipment in the game this time round, as well as a bunch of new enemies, items and shops. A lot of this is because there are new types of diceslots on equipment boards - Doubles, which require matching dice to trigger, and Countdowns, which take any dice and need to hit a target amount before they work.


If you’re good enough to get to the end of the dungeon, the final battle in 0.3 is one of three possible bosses. They’re all pretty tough. Good luck!

What's next?

Next week I finally want to make some progress on a second class! This doesn’t mean that I’m done with the Warrior, far from it - but I think I’m at the point where designing a seperate path through the game will push things along in lots of unexplored directions, and do way more for the game than continuing to tweak the existing content.

Ok! Hope you enjoy this version! See you next week!

Older builds and release notes:

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