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Dicey Dungeons 0.14

October 14, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.14 here]

Surprise! It’s v0.14 of Dicey Dungeons! I know, it’s a saturday, and v0.13 was only two weeks ago, but after getting the final character up and running, I thought it was a good time to stop and polish up a few things. This build is mostly about polishing up some rough edges, and consolidating what we’ve got so far - but there’s some cool new stuff as well! Let’s have a look!

Trading Posts, Booster Packs and Finale Cards

Trying out a couple of new systems this time around, the biggest of which is the Trading Post. Trading Posts will offer to swap something you have for something else - usually something rare or unusual…

I’ve also made some improvements to the Jester, although it’s still in Alpha for this version. The Jester can now finds Booster Packs, which offer a combination of three cards, some good, some bad - take all of them or none of them. Also, I’ve introduced Finale Cards! Finale Cards are powerful cards that only appear for the Jester if you use everything else in your hand in a single turn!

I’ve also made dozens of little changes to all the characters, including changes to starting equipment and item distribution. Still planning a major design pass soon, but these improvements should help things a little until then.

All enemies are animated!

Lots of art edits in the this build! In particular, every enemy in the game is animated now! Ahhhh! And…

New combat music, new sound effects!

Chipzel’s got an awesome new combat track for this version, but that’s not all - now that we’ve moved to desktop builds, we don’t have to worry so much about file size limits. So, this build includes all eight work in progress tracks that we’ve had over the last three versions, v0.11, v0.12 and v0.13!

Some of these are rougher than others, of course - they’re all at an unfinished stage - but I think having all of them in the game really makes things come together! This version also has a bunch of new sound effects, and remasters of sounds from previous versions.

Turkish Translation

One new translation this time around, Turkish! (random aside: Turkish has a cool string encoding tech challenge that was pretty fun to figure out!). Like Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, the Turkish translation is handled by EDS Wordland and their international team of translators.

I had a quicker than usual turn around on localisations this time, so I didn’t have time to get the newer Jester content translated yet. We’ll catch up for the next version!

So what about v0.15?

The game’s next milestone is the quest system, and we’ve been making some pretty exciting progress on that. Looking forward to sharing more of that once it’s ready.

Thanks for playing! See you in the next update!

Older builds and release notes:

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