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Dicey Dungeons OUT NOW!

Nov 21, 2022

Oh wow. So, uh, as I write this, Dicey Dungeons is out. In fact, it's been out now for more than 3 years! A lot's happened! It took me a while to get to this line on my to-do list!

Near the game's launch in 2019, I replaced this site with a placeholder for the launch date, and I never got around to fixing it up. But I figured it was about time I changed that - if for no other reason than to restore the old development blog posts.

I'll link to store pages and things like that on the front page, but for here, let's use this page to link to a few other things that might be of interest:

More Dicey blogposts

My personal blog is the main place I've kept writing about Dicey Dungeons since the launch: https://distractionware.com/blog/category/dicey-dungeons/

My favourite is this post, "The Reunion Reunion", which is a retrospective of the game's development released shortly before the Reunion DLC.

The official wiki

The Dicey Dungeons wiki is really great now, with a tonne of useful information about the game's mechanics, episodes, and DLC.

Dicey Modding

Dicey Modding found it's home on itch.io, under the dicey-dungeons tag!


As part of AMAZE 2020, Dicey Dungeons was in an online exhibition called Devolution, about how it was made!

The old alphas

Finally, just to mention, the old public alphas are still online here!

Thanks to everyone who played Dicey Dungeons, during development, and beyond. It's been incredible <3

- Terry

Older builds and release notes:

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