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Dicey Dungeons 0.2

March 23, 2018
[Play Dicey Dungeons 0.2 here]

Hey everyone! Welcome back!

So, I’m attempting to do this early access like thing where I release builds publically every week, warts and all. I’ve never done this before - actually, it makes me pretty nervous to show work that I don’t think is ready yet. But I think it’s worth trying to get over that, because it’s clearly a good approach for this project!

Dicey Dungeons is still pretty rough. It’s very early in development, after all. However, I think this week’s build shows that things are starting to take shape, and I hope you all like where it’s going.

Here’s what’s new with 0.2 of Dicey Dungeons.

UI Makeover

Probably the most noticable change in the new build, I made a start at doing some proper graphics for the game! Hopefully things are a bit more legible now, and nicer to look at.

Money and Shops

The biggest gameplay change this time around is the addition of Gold and Shops to the game. There’s at least one shop on every floor, which sell various items, equipment and bonuses. (They’re not really balanced yet, though.)

Equipment Upgrading

I’m trying out another new system in this build, Equipment Upgrading! Most weapons and armour can be upgraded now, which adds a permanent dice to that piece of equipment everytime you use it.

It’s currently pretty over powered, so check it out before I nerf it!

New Item System

Two of the biggest problems with the 7drl version: The Warrior’s Rage and Focus skills didn’t work, because associating a HP cost with them made ‘em too expensive, and single use items weren’t worth equipping, because it was never worth sacrificing an inventory space for them.

My solution to both problems is a new item system! Now, items are kept seperately from your inventory, and take the place of the second and third warrior skills. Eventually, different classes might have different skill/item layouts.

Like everything else here, this’ll be getting refined and improved as the weeks go by.

New Equipment and Enemies

There’s lot of new equipment (e.g. Claws), enemies (e.g. Banshee) and status effects (e.g. Silence) in there. Some of the existing equipment and enemies have been removed (Yeti) or redesigned (Squire). I forgot to fix the Knight though, sorry D:

What's next?

I’m trying not to plan more than a week ahead right now, but my next big goal with the game is to add another class, the Thief. That’s gonna wait until after this week though, because next, I’d like to slow down a bit and start properly balancing the game.

There’s lots of stuff in the game now, but none of it is really balanced properly yet. I don’t think I can really go much further until I get a handle on that. So! Week three! Balance update! See you next friday!

Older builds and release notes:

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